Start A Google Hangout From A Youtube Video

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To start a Google+ Hangout with a YouTube video, directly from YouTube. Click the “Share” button underneath any video, and then click on “Start a Google+ Hangout” in the bottom right-hand corner


James Shelley’s Attention Economy Is, Well, Economic

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What does it mean when most of our attention is consumed by the pursuit of attracting the attention of others?

It was back in 1971 that Herbert Simon suggested that “a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention”1 and now the difficulty of capturing people’s attention (“a highly perishable commodity”)2 has some theorists suggesting that the future “attention economy” will have “its own different implicit rules, roles, cycles, values, etc.”3

If everyone has everyone’s attention the value of attention is nullified. Thus to avoid mental bankruptcy, navigating an “attention economy” means saving, investing and being cunningly conscientious of your own attention. If you treated your attention as a monetary value, would you be considered broke, middle class or well-invested?

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  2. Thomas Davenport, John Beck, The Attention Economy: Understanding the New Currency of Business (Harvard Business School Press, 2001), p. 11 [↩]
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Thoughts On The Attention Economy

  1. James Shelly is really well worth you attention, I highly recommend subscribing
  2. Attention backruptcy is an emotional and mental wasteland, it may well be the epidemic of our time. The content and the platforms I see rising are economic in thier attention demands. Keep content focussed i.e. Tumblr and focus socialisation on enabling the content to be more helpful i.e. Instagram. In other words be respectful and reward attention with great consise value

Tumblr Easy To Use For News Media

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It’s no secret we have been more and more enamoured with Tumblr, it’s not just the numbers (which are compelling it’s the ease of us. We’re not the only ones who think so, check out this quote from Rick Sanchez

That’s where Tumblr comes in.

It’s what Goldilocks would call, “just right.” It’s not a full-blown blog and it’s not a one-sentence message service. It is, as Steve Rubel noted last week, a “hybrid,” a platform that is “…a social >network for both original and curated content… longer than a tweet and often more visual in nature.”

And that’s what makes it the newest and potentially one of the best tools that journalists now have.

In a month where Facebook may have lost as many as 6 million users in the US, and Tumblr — with now over 20 million blogs — >[surpassed in size], Tumblr is about to hit the >critical mass necessary to make it useful as a platform to broadcast and receive news.

If you’re not yet using Tumblr, check it out. Maybe start with searching terms that realate to your niche, market or industry, have a look at what people are talking about. If you are we’d be honoured if you’d follow us on Tumblr

Designing a Social Business

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We have been coaching and consulting to big organisations, small organisations and soloprenuers to develop Social strategy for a decade.


In 2006 the “Web 2.0” changed our business, we needed to respond to the new opportunities that were being created by blogging, podcasting and online video as we helped our clients engage community.

In 2009 Social Media changed our business again from a Social and Community Engagement Strategy focus to being more about media. In 2011 with the widespread uptake of New Media, it feels like the falvour of how we serve has changed ever so slightly again. In 2011 your community is online and making media, your competitors are online and making media.

In 2011 community and media aren’t the challenge. This year community (Social) and media (Social Media) are changing the business landscape

Kaushal Sarda – Enterprise 2.0: Designing a Social Business – interop Mumbai 2009


Tumblr Up To 400 Million Pageviews A Day: Simple Social Blogging Rises To The Top

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Tumblr Enjoyment*

Tumblr Enjoyment* by hunsonisgroovy, on Flickr

Last Thursday, Tumblr hit 400 million pageviews for the day, Karp tells us. It’s close to 5,000 pageviews a second, he notes.

Karp credits international growth and faster response times to Tumblr’s amazing trajectory. Maloney is more specific. “Tumblr’s growth the last few months has been remarkable, overshadowing everything in the past. It’s coming from all over the globe and across all demos, in particular teenagers,” he says.

Both men are also quick to credit the Tumblr engineering team which has been handling the load after downtime problems earlier in the year.

With the new data, Tumblr is now one of the top 25 sites in the U.S. according to the data Quancast tracks.

With all of us trying to cope in the era of infinite information a very simple, very slick, highly social blogging platform is among the cream that rises to the top of the Internet.

If you’re using the internet to market you business or advance your career you might want to think about leveraging Tumlbr in your media mix.

If you just like to be Social online and maybe want to share; Sport, Food, Music, Art, Design, Fashion you’ll find all that and more on Tumblr.

When Facebook Fans Go Bad: Dealing With Negative Behavior

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The benefits of marketing on Facebook have become almost impossible to ignore. However what should we do when fans go bad? Here is an excerpt from a handy article on dealing with negative and inappropriate behavior on Facebook.

If someone is posting comments that you find to be offensive or lewd, you can block them. You can also let that person know that you did not appreciate their distasteful comment by using the report links and choosing “I don’t like this post.” Or you could opt to send a message directly to your friend and request that they remove the posting.

Bullying, Intimidation And Harassment

If things are more annoying than simply inappropriate comments, never fear. There are three things you can do to drop kick that menace: unfriend, block and report

Take that pest off your Facebook site by unfriending the person. Next, go to your privacy settings and block that annoyance from peeking at any information about you, including posts and updates.

Finally, report that abuser to the Facebook powers-that-be by going to the help section at the bottom right of your page. There you will find info on how to report everything that offends you from an event, to a posting, to a message.

If the Facebook team finds that the info does in fact violate the site’s terms, the content will be removed and subjected to, in some cases, legal or some other action.

Pornography And Perverts

If someone sent you a lewd picture that just unnerved you ,know that you can put an end to that creep’s shenanigans by reporting him. Any photo that is found to violate Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities governing the relationship with Facebook users can be subjected to deletion. And if there’s anything illegal about the activity, it will get reported to the proper authorities.

Terrorist Activity

If you’ve been receiving material that promotes or raises funds for a known terrorist organization, put an end to the negative proselytizing by reporting the source. Facebook with law enforcement in order to ensure that its users are enjoying the social site in a safe and unmenacing atmosphere.

Don’t Hesitate To Take Action

Don’t think twice about ending any abusive behavior that is directed to you on Facebook. Whether you choose to use the personal controls that the site offers you — such as blocking, hiding or even unfriending — or you chose to go the full route by reporting the offensive actions, Facebook believes that safety is a shared responsibility.

All reports are strictly confidential. The people you report won’t know that they’ve been reported by a user like yourself. After you submit a report, Facebook will investigate the complaint and determine whether the content should be removed based on the site’s terms.  Facebook has provided you, the user with all of the tools you need in order to make the best decision to keep your Facebook experience a safe and happy one.

Original Article

How To Deal With Jerks On Facebook

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Facebook Marketing, The Numbers: Infographic

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Some interesting numbers here for Facebook Marketers or Small Businesses wondering if they should create a Facebook Page.


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