If you read nothing else this year!!! Read Jennie Armato’s New Economy/New Leadership post

May 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I spent time most days discovering, sharing and creating content that I believe will make a difference to you. I do this because I feel extremely privileged to be in the position that I am i.e. enabling passionate people with a positive purpose to tell powerful stories using New Media and other contemporary marketing tools. However last night I came across a blog post that is seismic. In fact I can’t remember anything I have read online that has quite the same impact. It’s an epic piece of work, it will have you quite a while to read and you will probably want to read it several times over the next few weeks. I have never felt more sincere in my recommendation of someone else’s content. Below is a brief quote which does not do justice to the whole. But please click the link below and read this amazing piece of work.


it’s about YOU being equipped with a Personal Culture of Excellence – so you can attract the right resources to get you to your next level.

 If your personal culture is not evolved to cope and your vision is not one for excellence, it simply will not happen for you and you most likely will end up feeling like you just can’t get ‘there’ and that you’re going around in circles – because ‘one foot is nailed to the floor’.  I believe many entrepreneurs fail to make their greater levels of success because of their inability to cope.  Their personal culture did not evolve so what chance was there for their business to ever evolve either.

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