Japan Earthquake Survivor Connects With Pregnant Wife Via Beluga

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

We all know by now the tragedy that has unfolded in Japan last week. The earthquake measuring almost nine on the Richter Scale has decimated communities, taken lives and livelihoods and crushed utilities such as phone lines, internet, power and SMS. Amongst those displaced and far from home was a man concerned for his pregnant wife. He was 10 miles from home desperate to connect when he found a way to get through. He used Beluga a group texting application recently purchased by Facebook. So grateful was “Aaron” to converse with his wife who is now 8 months pregnant that he shared their story on the community support site, saying:

“Beluga kept me in touch during the massive Tokyo earthquake yesterday. I just wanted to give a huge thanks for making Beluga. I live in central Tokyo, and the earthquake yesterday overwhelmed all mobile lines. No SMS and no voice calls at all were possible for nearly 10 hours. But for some reason Beluga worked, and allowed me to stay in contact with my wife, who is 8 months pregnant, while we were apart. It took me 3 hours to walk the 10 miles home through Tokyo since all the trains were out, and I could have kissed my phone every time I got a message from my wife. Thanks for making Beluga free, even though after this I’d gladly pay for it!”

For the full story


What a great story and kudos to Louis who for years has shared great content with great heart.

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