Twitter Lists: Now You Can Build Them Automatically With Formulists

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

How To Build Twitter Lists Automatically; Formulists

Following on from yesterday’s post Twitter; How To Use Lists For Market Leadership today we share a tool that automates the creation of smart Twitter Lists Formulists.

Create Twitter Lists For Many Purposes

Formulists has an array of tools that automatically create Twitter Lists based on a range of different criteria. For example you can ask Formulists to identify who are your Twitter friends most influential followers and add them to a list for you to review and follow at your leisure.

Or you this is killer, you can ask Formulists to create a list of experts on a particular subject, e.g. people who tweet regulalry about solar hot water systems, or french furniture polishing, or breeding daschunds whatever keywords terms are important in your industry. Perfect if you want to follow the Market Leadership through Twitter Lists formula from the last post.

Formulists has 18 separate tools to help you create and manage your Twitter lists, the tools are categorised 5 ways;

  • Organise Your Network
  • Expand Your Network
  • Track Followers
  • Strengthen Social Ties
  • Customise Existing Lists

Getting Started With Formulists

Getting started with Formulists is a simple as logging into Twitter, visiting Formulists and with one click linking your accounts. Then simply choose the type of list you wish to create or manage.

Action Step

If you’re not already carving it up with Formulists, why not head over there right now and have Formulists start creating some expert lists right now for your top 3 areas of interest in your market or niche. This tip alone will improve the quality of information you getting via Twitter

This is a particularly awesome tip. At the very least use this to find the influencers in your niche or industry.

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