Tumblr Easy To Use For News Media

July 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s no secret we have been more and more enamoured with Tumblr, it’s not just the numbers (which are compelling it’s the ease of us. We’re not the only ones who think so, check out this quote from Rick Sanchez

That’s where Tumblr comes in.

It’s what Goldilocks would call, “just right.” It’s not a full-blown blog and it’s not a one-sentence message service. It is, as Steve Rubel noted last week, a “hybrid,” a platform that is “…a social >network for both original and curated content… longer than a tweet and often more visual in nature.”

And that’s what makes it the newest and potentially one of the best tools that journalists now have.

In a month where Facebook may have lost as many as 6 million users in the US, and Tumblr — with now over 20 million blogs — >[surpassed wordpress.com in size], Tumblr is about to hit the >critical mass necessary to make it useful as a platform to broadcast and receive news.

If you’re not yet using Tumblr, check it out. Maybe start with searching terms that realate to your niche, market or industry, have a look at what people are talking about. If you are we’d be honoured if you’d follow us on Tumblr


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