Tumblr; So Much More Than A Blogging Platform

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Consider this: over breakfast last week Mark Coatney from Tumblr shared with me that most of the platform’s billions of page views take place inside the dashboard rather than on the individual domains. That means that Tumblr is less like WordPress and more like Twitter or Facebook – a social network for content rather than a blogging platform.

Steve Rubel has such a meta view of the New Media media space. He has recently shifted a good deal of his publishing /curation output to Tumblr. As consumption becomes more dashboard based platforms like Tumblr are in the box seat. The numbers don’t lie.


Twitter Lists: Now You Can Build Them Automatically With Formulists

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How To Build Twitter Lists Automatically; Formulists

Following on from yesterday’s post Twitter; How To Use Lists For Market Leadership today we share a tool that automates the creation of smart Twitter Lists Formulists.

Create Twitter Lists For Many Purposes

Formulists has an array of tools that automatically create Twitter Lists based on a range of different criteria. For example you can ask Formulists to identify who are your Twitter friends most influential followers and add them to a list for you to review and follow at your leisure.

Or you this is killer, you can ask Formulists to create a list of experts on a particular subject, e.g. people who tweet regulalry about solar hot water systems, or french furniture polishing, or breeding daschunds whatever keywords terms are important in your industry. Perfect if you want to follow the Market Leadership through Twitter Lists formula from the last post.

Formulists has 18 separate tools to help you create and manage your Twitter lists, the tools are categorised 5 ways;

  • Organise Your Network
  • Expand Your Network
  • Track Followers
  • Strengthen Social Ties
  • Customise Existing Lists

Getting Started With Formulists

Getting started with Formulists is a simple as logging into Twitter, visiting Formulists and with one click linking your accounts. Then simply choose the type of list you wish to create or manage.

Action Step

If you’re not already carving it up with Formulists, why not head over there right now and have Formulists start creating some expert lists right now for your top 3 areas of interest in your market or niche. This tip alone will improve the quality of information you getting via Twitter

This is a particularly awesome tip. At the very least use this to find the influencers in your niche or industry.

The Future Of Publishing Cloud Or App: Graphically Makes Each Way Bet

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The growth of the mobile web has spawned a raft of new publishing opportunities. 

Rather one book that everyone reads the future would appear to be appear to point towards a personalized version of the book for each reader.

The big question is “will the future book be an app or a cloud based subscription style service”? 

Graphically a digital comic platform has chosen “both-and” rather than “either-or”.

“With our focus on HTML5, storytelling, collaboration and sharing that you can be done anywhere online or mobile, Graphicly’s full vision is becoming a reality,” said Baldwin. “over the past year, we have met a lot of awesome fans, creators and stories, and they have no place to truly interact online. This release is the first move towards allowing all that awesome to connect in one place.”

With the battle over the definition of the cloud raging between the major Web giants, Graphicly has sided with both approaches – building dedicated apps and even being featured at Google IO for its Chrome Web app, but now moving into the full Web, backed by HTML 5. This sets them up nicely for reaching any mobile or desktop device its users want to leverage to read content. In fact, they promise in a release today to help bring author content to Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, or “any platform they choose”.

Full story via Louis Gray


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Facebook’s Face Recognition Strategy: O’Rielly Has An Interesting Perspective

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As many voice concerns about Facebook’s face recognition strategy Tim O’Reilly thinks it might be the best way to open up a technology that will be used whether we like it or not.

Face recognition is here to stay. My question is whether to pretend that it doesn’t exist, and leave its use to government agencies, repressive regimes, marketing data mining firms, insurance companies, and other monolithic entities, or whether to come to grips with it as a society by making it commonplace and useful, figuring out the downsides, and regulating those downsides.

Full story here::


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The Ultimate List Of Facebook Marketing Articles

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I just found this wonderful article on Copyblogger with an amazing list of Facebook Marketing articles.

They include such gems as;

Your Facebook Friends Programming Your TV Schedule

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If your Facebook friends were responsible for your TV programming would it be an improvement on the current schedule? 


You might not have long to find out if Mark Zuckerberg has his way. Speaking at the recent eG8 techology forum in Paris, the Facebook CEO said that TV, music and books being media experiences, stating that


I hope we can play a part in enabling those new companies to get built, and companies that are out there producing this great content to become more social.

More at Lost Remote



What do you think is it time TV got a real shake up? Is Facebook the platform to do it?

‘7 Tips to Get Your Content Shared More On Facebook | Facebook Tips and Tricks (via FacebookFlow)

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“Found at FacebookFlow

7 Tips to Get Your Content Shared More On Facebook


Here are some great insights developed By Dan Zarella about how you can tweak your content to get more shares on Facebook. All credit for the graphs and research go to Dan.

1. Include Numbers in Your Titles and Stats in Your Posts

People love tangible data. If you can include specific numbers in your posts, such as an impressive statistic, people will want to share that statistic with their friend on Facebook. People also love lists. If you check out the title to this post “7 Tips to Get Your Content…..”, you know exactly how much information you are about to get before you even read it.

7 Tips to Get Your Content Shared More On Facebook

2. People Share More on the Weekend

The difference in the number of shares on the weekend compared to during the week is actually pretty huge. This has a lot to do with the fact that Facebook is blocked at many company offices, and for good reason.

7 Tips to Get Your Content Shared More On Facebook

3. Certain Words Also get Shared More

Lucky us, the word Facebook is far and away the most shared. After that, people on the internet want to know “How” and “Why”, and they like sharing articles with the words “best” and “most”